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Children’s Hope Home e.V.
Rathausstrasse 16
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Children’s Hope Home is a nonprofit charitable organization registered in Germany. Our objective is to support children in Kenya who are in need of help. Our efforts are concentrated on Children’s Hope Home in Gathiga and Ebenezer Home in Kihara, both suburbs of Nairobi. Currently there are over one hundred and fifty children who have found shelter in these orphanages. The children are between the ages of 6 and 18 and descend from very poor families or directly from the streets. Hunger, HIV, neglect, lack of attention and love has been part of the children’s lives since birth. With no access to education their hopeless situation seems permanent.

Raising funds enables us to bring new hope to these children and in connecting volunteers with the home one can raise hope right on the spot in Kenya. The vision is to raise donations constantly to cater for food, health, education and shelter for the children at the Hope Home and to be able to implement projects like an expansion of the bedrooms, a new well etc. In the long term we aim to provide each and every child with the best possible education, be it vocational or academic.


Lucy Njoki Ndegwa, mother of four, made it her duty to help homeless orphans on the streets of Nairobi. At first she took time for the children to bring them food. In 1996, six children followed her home, and she invited them to spend the Christmas holidays with her family. After the holidays none of the children wanted to go back to living on the streets. Word spread fast, and more and more children came and found shelter in Lucy’s home. Soon a clear concept and administration was required – and so the Gathiga Children’s Hope Home was born. After a few years Lucy and her family moved out of their home in order to use the property entirely for the orphans.


The Hope Home is in the heart of Gathiga, around 15 km north of Nairobi. Red dusty sand roads in the midst of banana and coffee plantations lead to Children’s Hope Home. The neighboring villages Wangige and Kikuyu have tarred roads with direct connection to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The Hope Home has three dormitories, one recreation room, a cooking hut, two toilet huts, and a small office. Additionally there is a henhouse, a cow stable, a well for the water supply, a room for storing food and other stock – unfortunately empty most of the time. Currently there are more than a hundred children living in the Hope Home. They are looked after by Lucy, and two mentors. Also working at Children’s Hope Home are James, who is the watchman and responsible for security, Lucy’s husband Duncan, two teachers, and a dog. The children of the Hope Home like to play with self made garis, which are cars made of plastic containers, with balls, which they plait out of different materials, or other self made games. Many children speak good English, Suaheli and one or more of the local tribal languages. The number of children in the Hope Home is constantly growing, which is the reason why the home itself and also the food supply need constant growth as well. Due to the high school costs only a low number of the children can visit the official local schools. School uniforms are a rule in Kenya, which are additional costs next to the school fees and costs for learning material that have to be covered. Nevertheless almost all children would like to go to college after graduating from school and are therefore highly motivated and willing to learn.


The Ebenezer Home in Kihara near Nairobi deals specifically with HIV-infected children. HIV positive parents are often overwhelmed to take proper care for their infected children. It is very difficult to live with the stigma of being responsible for their child’s suffering. On the other hand these families simply lack the money to get appropriate treatment and cater for their children. In addition, families affected by HIV are often excluded by their own kin and society. In many cases no relative or friend of the family is willing to take care of the remaining children, when the parents pass away. Consequently the children end up on the streets or in children’s homes. Currently, the Ebenezer Home takes care of around 50 children aged 2 to 12. The children are particularly disadvantaged and severely scarred. In the moment there is only one trained nurse to care for them. She is very lovable and works with great effort. Her medical and nursing skills are of big help. Ebenezer Home was just established in late 2010 and currently resides on rented grounds. The orphanage specially cares for HIV-infected children and therefore has to meet certain standards and needs certain equipment, which in the moment isn’t the case. Along with other supporters, our own raised funds and funds from within Kenya we are planning to buy a piece of land and build a new orphanage with all the required facilities.


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